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Daily Race Stats PR Ratings latest update.

Understanding how runners have performed in a similar horse race to the one they are running in today is helpful from a punters point of view. The new “DRS” filter added to PR Ratings V3.15 uses 10 form elements to give the user an understanding of if a horse is capable of winning a similar race.


These are the 10:
Race Type
Number or runners (Declared)
Course Direction
OR (Official Rating)

The runner is given a score of +1 for each time they have run in a race that matches today’s race.

So if they have run at the same course before they get +1 for each time they have run at that course.

If they have run on the same going then receive +1 point for each time.
This gives us a “Run” figure.

The higher this score is the more often they have run at a similar event.
A “Win” figure has also been added.

Each time they have won a race that matches one of the form elements they get a +1.
So again, if they won a race at the same going then they would get a +1 for every time this had happened.

Finally, I added a percentage strike rate to allow users to base the selections on the success rate.

There are also two new columns that allow you to actually see the ratings and you can use the “Quick Analyse” feature to find profitable angles.

A future update maybe that you can click on the ratings and see the individual 10 form elements.

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