Get the complete PR Ratings Package and "Never Pay Again"!
Only 5 1 Available.

The Ultimate PR 1 Year Package
The complete PR Ratings brings together 3 great tools in one package at a very special price.

Pr Ratings V3 (£239.88 a year).
The latest PR Ratings (Currently V3.12) with all the filters and information you have come to expect from a such a great tool.

PR Ratings "AutoBot" (£77)
This is the first time the PR Ratings bot has been speciffically added to PR Ratings and this Autobot allows you to take full advantage of the PR Ratings bot link.

The Scoring Power Tool (£78)
Built on the same technology as PR Ratings the Scoring Power Tool allows you to create your own ratings based on the daily race cards or on any system you have saved within PR Ratings.

Combined that's a total of over £394 if you could buy them together

For the first time (and probably the last) you can get all 3 on a "Never Pay Again" offer...

But just to add a little extra to this very unique and limited offer...

...You can also get a £47 voucher to use against any other one of my products or offers (excluding this one). 

But only if you act today.
Just £277
 ("Never Pay Again" license)

(Offer closes when all 5 1 licenses are gone)

We don't actively support PayPal but if you would like to use this method then simply login to your paypal account go to "Tools" and then "Send Money". Please send £277 to and put in the notes "PR Ratings Special".

2 Payment offer

Sorry no paypal option for 2 part payment

This is a "Non Refund" offer if you have any questions or are unsure what the offer is about please email me before purchasing. 

(If you want to upgrade from any of our other offers please email me to discuss what we can do).

This is a Limited offer that will end when all 5 1 licenses are sold.

If you want any more details about PR Ratings V3 then see here:

The Scoring Power Tool is available as a "Stand Alone" here:

The AutoBot is not on sale separately but our similar (not the same specs) GHBlite is available here: 

Until Next Time

P.S. Remember this is a very limited offer to save £100's in payments for one of the best "System Builder" tools on the market.

P.P.S Never pay again means exactly that...I won't trick you by bringing out new versions or changing the name. Whatever happens to PR Ratings you still get the latest versions, all the updates and any new bonuses I add to the site.

This really is an amazing offer.

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