“Imagine If You Had The Ability To Create Your Own Profitable Betting Systems Using Amazing “Software” Allowing You To Kick The Tipsters To The Kerb.”

Better Than 90% Of The Tipsters Out There..! Tipsters Who Charge You A Lot of Money For Tips Which you Can Pick Yourself In A Few Minutes…!

For years now Tipsters have tried to convince you to follow their tipping advice in order to profit from the horses.

When you finally take the plunge very quickly you realise the unfair world of horse racing is full of tipsters who cannot walk the walk.

Putting your faith in yet another tipster only to find out how useless and full of letdown results and broken promises.

If only there was a better way to stop throwing money away on tipsters...

These types of tipsters you know so well would struggle to pick up their own post.

Don’t Worry help is at hand.screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-14-35-19

Hi, my name is Malcolm Pett and I am probably what is known as a “Professional System Builder”. My friends and family however, only know me as a dog trainer and that is me to the right with my pooch.

But that's enough about me... This is all about YOU... and how it is time to STOP doing things wrong.

I'm going to show you how you can EASILY turn from;

Punter, Follower, Loser, Loss Chaser...

In to the Super Punter you have always dreamed of.

The best part is you don’t need anyone else.

You need - Quality Result Proven Software but you don’t need to pay Any Tipster EVER AGAIN for rubbish.

Let Me Explain.

You are closer than ever to Outstanding, Racing Selections Daily.

These selections will allow you to live the racing lifestyle on your own terms.

You take all the Credit, all the HIGHS Without all the Tipster LOWS.

Don’t worry it won’t take you hours per day to achieve this, quite the opposite in fact.

Remember... Why Would You Pay Someone Else For Race Selections When You Can Get Even Better Choices Yourself?

Its all about knowing where to start..

Tools Of The Trade; Are (ESSENTIAL MUST HAVE’S In Horse Racing)

Having the right tools at your fingertips will turn you from a Clueless Punter to Pro Selector.

I can guarantee you this,

No tipster out there is using what you will be able to get your hands on here.

Guess how I know this?

Because they are lazy..

Tipsters are notoriously lazy, all they want is your money.

Money which they quickly snap up from your pocket and leave you to wonder how on earth they are picking so many bad horses.

They Don’t Care 😔

I care and it pains me to see so many punters taken for a ride, when punters come to me I hear some horror stories from them.

They tell me about all their experiences and how they wish they had found me earlier.

I always tell them the same thing;

Read below..

If you can follow some simple steps which I have covered in full for you then you can finally kick the tipsters to the curb for good.

How Does That Sound?

Have a look at the BENEFITS you can gain from:

  • You Will Become A Self Sufficient, Regal Pro Punter...
  • You Will Be In The Right Money Margin From The Start As You Are Now Not Having To Pay Your Tipster.
  • You Will Be PROUD To Tell People You Make YOUR Own Selections In A Flash.
  • You Will Have To Keep This QUIET As You Might Just Find That Your Friends And Family Will Be Calling You All The Time For Their Tips.

What I’m about to show you is something which will change your betting outlook moving forward from today...

Remember once you have the skills & tools yourself you will finally be able to Lock Your Very Own Racing Destiny In Place for years to come.

I can say this because I'm 100% confident on this.

You will never wish to pay a tipster a penny ever again.

I Have Developed The Perfect Race Building Systems For You... My Current Customers And A Few Private Clients Love This Software.

Now you would be foolish to be put off because this is software, even if you are retired or not very good with computers.

Software is EASY once you know how and I'm going to show you exactly what to do.

You can literally MASTER The SPORT which has left you feeling flat and even maybe taken a loss of interest in which I can guarantee is down to poor tipsters in the past.

It shouldn’t be this way and now it doesn’t need to be, not anymore.

You see, my Private clients who are a little more advanced take full advantage of the product you see today.

But guess what, they started off right where you are right now.

Just as you are going to start with the PR Ratings software when you Join Today 🙂

This is the ideal time for you to see how they started and to follow along, the sooner you do the sooner you will be at their level and you will never look back.

Don’t worry though you will instantly see how easy this is to do.

You won’t have to wait and worry about a thing, I'll walk you through how easy this is to do.

Here's one way how to do exactly that -

Delve into history and use some pretty amazing ideas, to find places where you can make money from the horses today.

Look at it this way if using this software was your job I can guarantee you would never miss a single days work.

You wouldn't want to take a holiday away from it.

But here is my secret…

This software has a built in research tool, in fact it has many built in tools which allow me to find systems which I can exploit.

No tipster out there can do this.

As an Extra BONUS for you today I've added in my Quick Builder Tool, this is worth the fee alone.

Ask Yourself One Question Right This Second..! Are You Ready To OPEN Your Mind To A Better Way Of Winning Races?

Yes of course you are;

…. and if you say no then you are beyond help 😉

Sorry but it's true.

I can only help those with an open mind and one willing to help themselves.

No one is going to hand you the Golden Ticket on a plate without any return from you.

I believe this is the closest you will ever come to the Golden Ticket.

I have made it as straight forward as possible for you to join the Golden Ticket Machine.

But to put off the tyre kickers I need to tell you straight.

You will have to put in a little effort. Not a lot, but just a little.

The more you wish to put in the better, but that's not the point.

The point is with a tiny bit of effort from you, expect to have great gains.

Obviously everyones results will differ as people we all see different opportunities or prefer to take on one horse over another.

This is what makes this software fit all punters, It delivers exactly what you want.

Not what Joe Bloggs wants down the road, these are your own Personal Horses.

Why share your findings with anyone else..! Keep them for you only.

The New Racing Concept Is Right Here For You Today, Not Tomorrow But Today, I Can’t Decide For You...

And it is far easier than you think…


Because I made it easy for you… 🙂

I have created a software tool that you can use right now to pick your own winners better than any tipster in the market can.

We can sit back and allow the tipsters to continue to fail.

As now you and me both know we are now on the correct racing path.

I call this AMAZING Software PR Ratings


It will be the biggest part of your betting ammunition from Day One.

This is an extremely rare racing concept, because it actually works.

  • You Want More Winning Selections? Done for you…
  • You Would Like To Develop Your Own Racing Systems… Done for you…
  • You Want To See The PR Ratings I Personally Use…. I’ve Included These For You.
  • You Want The Latest Most Up To Date Version Of PR Ratings Software…

Note: The kitchen sink is not included, but if you want that as well I will see what I can do to help you.

>>>>> Introducing: Pro Race-cards & Ratings Software <<<<<<

An amazing software tool allowing you to rapidly analyse “Todays Race-Cards" in the way you want to.

  • I’ll show you how to quickly find winners (The “Training Mode” gives you all the information you need to find winners but the results are hidden!)
  • Full Statistical Information going back to Jan 2015 on all "Handicap" Races so you can try your skills at any time. (Once you come up with an idea try it over 1000's of records)
  • It has Several Ratings Systems (to help you get a head start on selecting possible winners.)
  • Full Results Showing You Betfair SP Prices & Place Prices. (Industry SP prices will be added shortly).
  • Snapshot Prices Taken At 6 am and 11 am. (This gives you markets for looking at steamers and drifters and can be compared to the Betfair SP price)
  • Full Horse Racing History (allowing you to decide if the horse could win or place at the course)
  • 36 Filters (and growing allowing you to only select the runners and races you are interested in)
  • Data Filter (Turn off things that you don’t want to see so you are only left with the information that is most important to you.)
  • Selection Link (As soon as you have come up with a method that suits you a link is provided so you can automatically get the selections daily…”How AMAZING Is That?”)

It’s never been this easy to glance at the daily race cards and select runners.

I even provide you a number of video’s to show you different ways of using the ratings part of the software to find winners.

At The Moment There Are 23 Different Pieces Of Information.

They Include;

  • Regular Form Information (Which you see on most form cards including last results. These are laid out clearly in front of you).
  • 6 Ratings Figures (These are figures I have created from my own research but give you a chance to use them to help find winners.)
  • Main Ratings (This is a figure that is created from adding together a number of other ratings to get an idea of the potential of the runner. This helps you select only runners that should have a good chance of winning or placing.)
  • Green Ratings(This figure is based on a number of form and ratings figures falling between certain values. Find out which Green rating number gives you the best chance of winning).
  • 6 am and 11 am Prices. (Flexibility to use 6am Prices, 11am Prices or BSP)
  • Chance of Winning. (Find out how you can use Chance of Winning to find better Dutching combinations. Do you know which combined figure gives you the best chance of winning? Well by using the PR Ratings you can actually find out.)
  • Green Scoring. (Click on a cell and turn it green. Allowing you to score each runner in each race.)

STOP wasting money on tipsters and start making money from your own selections by taking back control and taking action now…


This OFFER is not LIMITED (really anyone who follows me knows most of my offers are usually limited, this time I’ve added in a discount for the first 50 members.

After the first 50 are in the door then the price DOUBLES

This is a bargain if you are lucky enough to be 1 Of The First 50…

I want to show you and instil in you that you can now forget the tipster past and present.

fishI’m extending my hand to you to allow you to finally help yourself to my amazing software.

Remember the age old saying…

Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life-time

Well It's Time To Go Fishing Guys.

My PR Ratings Software Will Show you How Easy It Is To Go Fishing For Yourself Without The Hassle

One of the first things I'm going to show you is;

Just how quickly you can find “Dutching opportunities” I’ve laid out the full method in a video for you to view when you join.

I’m going to turbo charge your experience as soon as you become one of my happy members.

You will wonder how you ever lived without this PR Ratings Software as your Racing Multi Tool.

DISCLAIMER ====>> Strictly NO "Tyre kickers”

I don’t wish to waste anyones time nor mine.

I want to work with you, real punters, not the people who are so disjointed in their betting practises that they cannot see a good thing when it drops in their lap.

So please if you are a "Sit on the couch and want everything handed to you on plate" kind of person then don't buy PR Ratings Software.

Thriving positive punters are welcome at my door anytime.

There are no promises that it will make you rich over night, nor should there ever be.

It's a perfect racing software tool which requires you to use it.

Using it will mean you get the best from it.

If you never use it then you have no chance of making the change you so much desire.

And if you use it as intended... Boy will your betting change for the better !!!

Don’t believe me well look what some of my early members had to say…

Positive people who are genuine, these are the people we all love to hear from.

I looked at was the PR ratings (old version) and my comment at that stage was that the ratings alone are worth the price! I still haven't changed my mind. In fact the new ratings just seem to get better and more accurate. There are so many ways that you can use them I am going to have to retire from work at this rate to utilise their full capability!!

- > John Harwood

Malcolm ....very, very happy with the "Wild-card" Gizmo ..what a short-cut this has created to form study...winners are just jumping off the screen....what more can I say but brilliant !

- > James Fisher

If you really want to finally kick those so called "Tipsters" into touch, and turn the corner in your own betting then…

Today you have the opportunity to simply do exactly that.

Miss out today and unfortunately you only have yourself to blame.

I'm not trying to do the hard sell here because if you have followed along over the last couple of days and you have read this page then you already know that Change Is What You NEED.

More importantly change is what your Racing Needs.

To leave it any longer and think you will be ok to keep struggling along following poor tipsters is a mistake.

This time next week you will be in the same position, while the other chaps reading this are having a great time with my software and they are the savvy punters not looking back.

I’ve made sure that I’ve covered all the angles for you, this software has taken months and months to produce.

I work on this software daily to make sure you are always fully up to date with the very best information at your finger tips.

Meaning that when you want that particular horse/horses for the day you will find them within.

The only thing you have left to lose is a Place Within My PR Ratings Software.

Right now all you need to do to gain INSTANT ACCESS is Click The ADD To Cart Button Below.

Choose which option suits you best.

I won’t push you into any option, please decide for yourself.

It's plain to see which is the BEST AVAILABLE OFFER.

Remember I'm looking for your commitment, we will be together helping each other for a long time so make the right choice.

My promise to you is that I will continue to build new features in my software, to listen to any new features you might like to see, I will deliver time and again for you.

All you need to do now is leave the tipsters behind and start over in your racing once and for all.

I can guarantee you will be thanking me for this opportunity and wishing you had joined a lot sooner.

Click The Button Below For Immediate Access

You Are One Step Away From Being A Fully Self Sufficient Pro Punter, PR Ratings Software Will Get You There Faster Than You Would Believe.

Thanks for getting this far. I hope to see you in the members area very soon.


Malcolm Pett

P.S. NEW - Bonus Now INCLUDED...

I’ve created a number of videos on how I personally create systems.

I really shouldn’t be giving away all my trade secretes, but today you can have access to them.

These bonus feature videos will only be seen by the first 50 members.

Wow still not convinced..? I am kind of hurt!

Go right back to the start of this page and start over as you may have missed the point.

I have spent hours and hours building this tool to make life easy for you I want you to have it, I know you need it.

Why would you be here if you didn’t deep down or whole heartedly agree with everything I'm saying above?

And you still haven't decided to get your copy, come on I will walk you through how to save your racing and take it into the future with hope and confidence in your own excellent selections, all from my PR Ratings Software.

Ok final testimonial; You know what you need to do today, with only 50 Copies Before The Price Will Double very soon.

I've been using Malcolm's Products for some years now, but this latest PR Ratings Software is brilliant imho!

- > Stanley Morris
I had an email from someone like this…

Why should I choose your software over others out there…

At first I just thought I would give a courtesy reply and say something like…

Well I hope that you can see there are a lot of features built into PR Ratings that are unique and it’s priced really well…

Then I thought about it for a moment and this is what I wrote:


Thank you for your inquiry and it is a really good questions, so let me answer it the best I can…

Firstly, PR Ratings is my baby…I didn’t originally create it for anyone but me.

Unlike many product developers out there I use it myself, daily to find systems and trends and to teach myself to get better at reading race cards.

So you can be sure I want it to be as good as it can be. That means continual updates (almost 1 a week).

Secondly, many products just deal with the basics.

Yeah there is plenty of data in one place but it is information you could get anywhere.

PR Ratings has over 60 columns of data with some very unique information like…
  • Last 3 results combined
  • OR Rank
  • Number or Runs/ Number of wins
  • 6 Am prices
  • 11 Am Prices
  • 1 PM prices
  • 5 pm Prices
  • 6 different ratings
  • Average distance behind winner
  • Estimate speed
  • Days since last won
  • IP min, IP Max
To name just a few :- )

And that list is growing all the time.

Thirdly, over 60 ways to filter the information you see including...

  • Jockey and trainer runs
  • Jockey and trainer wins
  • Jockey and trainer strike rate
  • Horse number of wins and strike rate.
  • Last time out wildcard search
  • Days of the week
  • Days Since last won
  • Average distance behind winner
  • BSP/Inplay average change
  • Steamers and Drifters
  • 4 ratings
  • OR Rank
  • Jockey run order
  • Class move since last race
  • Weight move since last race
  • Distance move since last race

Again growing weekly.

Then there is the results information…

Our results sheets are classed as the best in the business.
We just don’t show standard results we also give you…

  • Month by month results
  • Full statistical breakdown including Highest bank draw down, average winning odds and ROI.
  • You also get a graph to represent the month over time results.
But it doesn’t stop there…

PR Ratings also has our unique trending results sheets based on BSP, 6am and 11am prices.

These unique results sheets give you a graphical representation of the strike rate and price over time.

This is invaluable information for the serious punter.

As if that wasn’t enough there is also a csv results export button so you can analyse them in your own way.

A recent edition to PR Ratings is the “Quick Analyse” filter.

This allows you to quickly see whether a particular filter is profitable or not by showing you the p/l.

An example would be to pick favourites at Southwell and then “Quick Analyse” the “draw”.

You would immediately see the results from each draw number.

This feature takes system building to a whole new level when it comes to speed.

Then there are other features like…
  • Saving your systems and settings.
  • Sharing your systems and settings with others if you choose to.
  • A link to get your daily selections from any browser at any time.
  • A bot link that works with GHBot to automatically download and monitor your daily selections.
  • I could probably leave it there…

But I think there is one thing that makes PR Ratings stand out.


I don’t mean because it is on-line tool you can use it anywhere I mean “me”.

PR Ratings has a 500+ strong Facebook group where I am almost always available for help.
If I am not there, there are plenty of others who can answer your questions.

The group keeps me accountable and makes sure that PR Ratings is the best it can be.


PR Ratings is not static…It’s not the same as it was last year, or even 1 month ago…
…It’s even changed from last week!

That’s because I want new features and the users want updates.

Together we drive PR Ratings to keep getting better and more useful.

Well I hope that answered your question and shows you that PR Ratings V3 is the one to use.

Best Regards

Please Gamble Responsibly 

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