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PR Ratings Competition time

So yesterday I started telling you how I have got better at learning peoples names...

I thought it was going to be really difficult but actually it's not.  You just have to practice 3 things.

The first is...

You have to be over 50...Only kidding :- )

...You really have to decided you want to remember a persons name.

No I mean really...Full attention...Their name is the most important thing to you right now in the world. No "ifs or butt's"...

Whatever happens you are going to remember their name.

When you decide to to do that a funny thing happens.

Which I will tell you more about tomorrow.

I started a competition in the Facebook group yesterday for PR Ratings owners.

(Not sure what the prize is yet...Maybe a book on how to remembers

Anyway you don't have to be in the group to take part you just have to follow these rules.

You take the base system I shared in PR Ratings V3.12 yesterday called...


smoothcomp1 image

Your mission if you should choose to take it...(mission impossible, dm,

Take the 118 point system based around AW handicap races.

(The main filter is OR Rank 1 (unique to PR) .

There is a lunch time rank filter thrown is as well.)

And improve it :- )

Winner is the one with the most points and the smoothest line.

If your not a facebook fan then just save the system in shared folder with the prefix “SM1” and email me to let me know you have added it.

Robert has added “SM128” already and got it up to 273 points.

That's 155 points more and a much better graph.

Can you do any better?

(I bet you can't get that mission impossible music out of your head now)

You can find out more about PR Ratings here:

Until next time....


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